Tuesday, 2 December 2014

More Magic Markers

Greetings all.

So it seems that my usefulness around the home and my productivity in painting are inversely proportional... I had every intention of cleaning the spare room out this weekend, but instead this happened:

Now I do apologise for the frankly appalling picture, not really sure what happened there. These little chaps represent "Enfeeble" (left) and "Endurance" (right). The model on the left is "Jinx" from the Hell Dorado daemons range, and probably one of the most disturbing models I've painted (yes that is his umbilical cord that he's dragging along... gross). The guy on the right is from Pendraken. He's not exactly a stellar sculpt but he has a lot of character. I did have to avoid painting him any shade of brown though, to avoid it looking like he was made out of turds.

Now to be fair, these two are no excuse for doing sod all around the house this weekend, given that I painted them both up in about 20 minutes. That's mostly down to the other model I've been working on, but his varnish isn't dry yet so you'll just have to wait for that ;)

Comments are welcome as ever.

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