Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Master of puppets: Be'lakor finished!

Greetings all.

In keeping with my frenzy of activity lately, I've got another little something finished. Not quite as little as the familiars, but still pretty small by current 40k standards. This little beauty is Be'lakor, the Dark Master:

Very sensibly directing the battle from afar
This guy has got to be one of my favourite models, at least from recent years (although he didn't make my top 10; I guess I'm just fickle like that). He's beautifully sculpted, although weirdly small by the standards of other Daemon Princes. 

This model almost got used as a Slaanesh prince a while back, but I'm rather glad I didn't go ahead with that plan. GW have since released a tidy little dataslate (whatever the hell that even is) for Be'lakor, and he's a supreme badass. He provides some great defensive powers, and can chop up even superheavies with relative ease. He costs a big chunk of points, but is well worth it.

Hope you like him.


  1. Wowzer, you're on fire mate! That Bastion is looking very cool, as is the Daemon Prince... Slightly worried about the 'chop up superheavies' claim, but most of all I'm loving the little dudes... It makes me want to get enfeebled!

    1. Thanks brother! Yeh be'lakor is a real unholy terror, but for 350 points you'd kind of want him to be!

  2. I think that this mini is an instant classic. It's just a timeless sculpt which fits equally in any period. I mean this fellow is already a few years old since first released.

    Anyway ;)

    Brother! Most excellent work. I really like that you've picked up speed. This must've been one of your best years :)

    1. Can't argue with you there brother, I've been a fan of Be'lakor since he was released, but never had a use for him until now.

      You're spot on about this being a good year for me too. To date I've painted over 70 models (a lot for me!) and assembled a bunch more. I'm hoping to get it closer to 80 by the end of the year, and then I'm gonna post a big ass pic of everything I've achieved since January. For motivational purposes as well as stroking my ego a little!

  3. You and me both then :)