Sunday, 12 October 2014

Quick and dirty terrain: Rocky outcrops

Greetings all.

Now that the missus and I have moved into a bigger place, I actually have room for a table! I've got a fairly decent terrain collection already, but I thought the table needed a few large LOS blockers too. With that in mind, I picked up some cheap vivarium ornaments and reappropriated them for the battlefields of the far future (where the only giant lizards climbing all over them will be ridden by exodites).

They aren't the same quality as the GW plastics, but they are cheap and super sturdy. I painted them grey, gave them a quick drybrush and a dip, and then they were ready to roll (after a coat of varnish).

Comments welcome of course (not that there's much to say about three rocky outcrops...).


  1. They look cool, I'm a big fan of repurposed vivaruim/aquarium stuff. Have you thought about adding a few bits of greenery at all?

  2. Brother! Thou ist on fiyah!

    You really should update more often, great updates this month :)

  3. I really should update more shouldn't I? It really spurs me on to do more actually.

    On the subject of greenery, look for some twisted trees in the not too distant future!

  4. Good work indeed, no battlefield is complete without rocky outcrops.
    Decent scenery is just as important as painted minis, I've been guilty of putting all the effort into painting the armies and then being a little let down playing on an uninspiring MDF board with crap scenery (at home)- a nice, proper table ties it all together.

    1. Thanks man :) Yeh I think we've all been guilty of that. Painting scenery tends to be very tedious in comparison to minis (at least from my point of view, I'm sure not everyone is the same), so it tends to take a back seat. There really is nothing quite like a nice table, covered with nice scenery and minis. That's the dream!