Monday, 26 September 2022

Mordheim: The Circus is in town!

 Greetings all.

Bit of an unusual post from me today, because it's a Mordheim warband! I've got some major nostalgia about Mordheim, despite never having actually played a game... I fondly remember 1999 (for a great many reasons) and being very interested in the game with my school friends at the time. I got the boxed set for my birthday or Christmas that year, and fiddled around with the minis a bit, but never actually rolled any dice. I assume we got distracted by the equally awesome Blood Bowl, Necromunda, or possibly Warhammer Quest. Since then I've sold off what little Mordheim stuff I had (or converted it for other things), and never really thought much about it since.

That all changed when my good buddy Alex gave me the complete Circus of Corruption set from Old School Miniatures. This little lot are an awesome re-imagining of the classic Carnival of Chaos from Mordheim.

They actually sat unloved in my to do pile for a couple of years before I got round to them, but I finally did:

The complete warband

Carnival Master & Plaguebearers

Clowns (Tainted Ones)

Strongmen (Brutes)

Brethren 1

Brethren 2


I went with round bases for this lot because it's 2022, and I also based them all (except the Nurglings) on the slightly larger 32mm bases. Partly this was a functional choice because they're some very chunky models, but mostly I just like the way it looks. I'm itching to play some Mordheim with them now and party like it's 1999!

Monday, 15 August 2022

The rest of the Untamed Beasts

 Greetings all.

I've finished up the last of my Untamed Beasts for Warcry (and other stuff I guess), just in time for 2nd Edition. Given how little I played 1st edition I can't say I'm thrilled about having to buy more books, but that's just how it is with GW these days. 

I bought the double box of Untamed Beasts (the AoS one) to give me plenty of options and painted most of them up a little while back. I almost didn't bother with these last few guys but it seemed silly just to have them sat on the sprue doing nothing, so here are the rest of the pack:

I did a few conversions on these ones just to make them a bit more interesting and different to the others. I kinda wish I'd done that with more of them, but never mind. Pleased with how they all look on the whole.

Monday, 4 July 2022

Painting update: Warcry (Untamed Beasts)

 Greetings all.

Another quick update just to try and catch up. This time it's my new-ish Untamed Beasts warband for Warcry. I've already got plenty of AoS style warbands that I could use, but I really wanted a "proper" one because they're so cool.

And here they are in action:

Till next time.

Friday, 1 July 2022

Painting update: Death Guard

 Greetings all.

I'm still keeping this blog limping along with the intention of doing something with it. Still haven't though. However I have actually been doing a fair bit of painting, so I'll post a few updates in the coming days with what I've been working on. The first of these is a few additions to my small Death Guard army

There's not much to say about these. They're pretty standard and all painted with my best friend Contrast Paints:

Till next time.

Thursday, 14 April 2022

We captured it for Chaos... a long overdue update

 Greetings all.

Bit of an unexpected update this time. Many moons ago (like seven years or so) I painted up some of the very cool, and not very readily available Chaos Cultists from 2nd Edition 40k, sculpted by Paul Muller. I've got a fair few of these guys, but tbh I wish I had even more because they're some of my favourite models of all time. 

I had originally planned for these guys to be part of a Khorne Daemonkin army, but given that I don't really play 40k any more, and Daemonkin dont actually exist any more, they sort of sat unloved for a long time. My first batch were painted up in Khorne colours (i.e. red!) and were mostly unconverted, but these guys were chopped up loads. I decided to paint these up in Undivided colours, given that they weren't planned for inclusion in any particular army or project, and will just turn up as and when I need some deluded mooks (probably in Stargrave more than anything). I also added in an old Redemptionist flamer to give them a bit of firepower, and it fits the aesthetic nicely.

I also updated the basing on my older Khorne cultists to bring them in line with my current minis a bit more (with a sneak peek of some other bits in the background):

Hope you like em!

Friday, 11 February 2022

Does this look infected? Blood Bowl Nurgle's Rotters

 Greetings all.

In an effort to kick off the new year with a bang, I picked up the brushes pretty much straight away and cracked on with it. My good buddy Alex had bought me a Nurgle BB team for my birthday last year, and that one went right to the top of the projects list. 

I intended to paint them up as quickly as possible, but still make a decent job of it, which hopefully I achieved. I used Contrast paints as per usual, and did a zenithal prime on these guys because that's the fancy thing to do these days. I'm reasonably pleased with how they turned out, especially given the amount of time spent. In fact I think I spent more time building them than I did painting them. 

I also added a Head Coach mini made from a slightly converted Blightking, and a Rotspawn made from one of the Nightmare Hulks from the KT Rogue Trader box from a few years ago.

Hope you like em.

Another quick painting update

 Greetings all.

Just a super quick one from me today. I started off the year with a couple of random bits, before getting my teeth into a proper project. Both of these guys are 3D prints from my good mate Mark, who prints loads of awesome stuff and is really generous with them. As these two don't fit with anything in particular, I based them to match my Frostgrave/RoSD stuff.

Till next time.