Monday 13 November 2023

General painting update WIP

 Greetings all.

Just doing a quick general painting update to get back up to date with everything I've been working on and doing. This includes a few bits below that didn't fit into any of my other recent posts.

Old school star players for my Chaos Renegades

Me and the lads went to Warhammer World

We also went to BOYL and played on Mark's amazing boards quite a bit.

Just some of the incredible cabinets at Foundry.

When I got back I painted some very new school Kroxigor.

Also got a bunch of old school Scavvies on the go.

Some HeroQuest baddies

Played a bit of Warcry

More HeroQuest baddies (and goodies).

Spiders and clues for Rangers of Shadow Deep

HeroQuest baddies!

I painted up the bugs from the Gellerpox Infected to use in Rangers or Necromunda or Stargrave.

New and old Star Players for my BB Nurgle team.

Finished off my random sci-fi beastmen to hang out in Stargrave etc

I think that's everything up to date now. Currently I'm working on some more Warcry stuff, maybe some more Rangers stuff. Pretty much just whatever takes my fancy.