Thursday 20 September 2018

Quick painting update

Greetings all.

I thought I'd write another post real quick, before I run out of steam again and go for another year without posting... I do at least have something to show, although it is very much more of the same.

Work continues on my Nurgle Daemons for AoS/40k. It's been a long time since I played a game, and I should probably rectify that, but I am at least painting my army.

Four more second edition Plaguebearers complete:

This actually means I have a completed unit of 30 of this version, plus 30 of the previous version, and 10 of the following version. Not bad at all really, although I ought to take a group picture at some point.

Till next time.

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Well that didn't work out

Greetings all.

So the plan was to do some more blogging. That was fast approaching a year ago, and clearly it didn't happen. So here I am, writing another post about returning to blogging. In truth, I have missed it, and I do feel a bit out of the loop when I'm not blogging, so I'll be making a bit more of an effort to do just that. Although I said that before, so I guess we'll see!

Anyway, I have painted some models and played some games since I last posted. It's been a bit difficult adjusting to the "new normal", having moved house again and trying to raise a small human. Various life things have contributed to me losing my hobby mojo a little. It seems to be on the right track again though, so let's hope that continues.

So here are some pictures of the meagre amount of models I've painted this year...

Some templates for Blood Bowl. The rust effect was a bit of an experiment that wasn't entirely successful, but they're done and it's better than bare plastic.

Ripper Bolgrot

Scrappa Sorehead

Tokens for Blood Bowl

A bunch more Nurgle stuff. Old school Plaguebearers and a very cool Pantheon of Chaos Herald.


A couple of Mystic Warriors for Frostgrave

A Frostgrave zombie, made from an old Nurgle champion.

6 monopose beastmen, to fill in as various things in Frostgrave (Rangifers, most recently).

A bit of a pitiful showing so far, but hey ho. I've played a few games along the way too, which is cool. The painting flow is picking up a bit as time goes on, and blogging might help that along.

That's all for now!