Friday 10 July 2020

Garrick Hagar (level one)

Greetings all.

I've got something slightly different to show you today, and that is my character for the Zoom 40k/Frostgrave mashup RPG we've been playing for the last couple months to get us through lockdown. It's all hosted and masterfully written by my good mate Alex, with me, Steve, and Mark bumbling our way through the adventures, failing to unravel the simplest puzzles, and solving most of our problems with violence. Yup, it's bloody awesome.

Anyway so the original intent was to play this out as a series of tabletop battles, but the 'rona put a stop to all that for the time being. We'll probably end up doing some follow-up tabletop based fun though, so we're all making minis of our characters. This is my guy, Garrick Hagar:

Basically he's an underhive scum and brawler type, mostly on the right side of the law, and usually makes a few credits as an escort for trade caravans and whatnot. The twist is that Garrick has latent psychic powers, the full potential of which he was unaware of (or unwilling to think about) until he got wrapped up in the mysteries of Spero Secundus.

The mini is a slightly converted underhive scum from 90s Necromunda, as it just fit exactly what I had in mind. I did a weapon swap to bring it in line with what Garrick carries, and slapped some paint on it. Since putting this mini together though, the party have gone through a number of important changes and level ups, and Garrick doesn't look quite the same! An encounter with a sump witch has allowed his full psychic potential to be unlocked, and the money the party made from harvesting giant spider eyes on that adventure allowed us all to invest in some very cool gear for the final mission. The upshot of this is that I'll be converting and painting an upgraded version of Garrick soon enough!

Till next time.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

More quick and dirty terrain: Necromunda barricades and doors

Greetings all,

Whenever I hit a hobby slump these days (which seems to be a lot of the time at the moment, but these are strange times after all), I try and lift myself out of it by painting some "quick rusty shit". Being in such a slump at the moment, that's exactly what I've done. It gives me a kind of false sense of progress, because I can smash out a decent amount of stuff with minimal time and effort investment.

I've had the "new" (now not so new) Necromunda box sitting around begging for attention for quite a while now, so I decided to tackle some of the terrain for the 2D version of that:

Nothing fancy here, just lots of washing and stippling, but overall I think they turned out quite well. I'm actually quite keen to paint up some more Necromunda stuff, and I'm on the lookout for some decent walls that won't break the bank. Necromunda from the late 90s has a very special place in my heart (along with Blood Bowl from the same time), and it's nice to see a revival of both of them. I've got a Chaos Cult gang that I've been meaning to paint up for literally years now, so perhaps I'll get to that soonish... I've got a few odd accessories left to paint up, and then that'll be the whole box contents done (minus the gangs, which I no longer own).

Till next time.