Monday 26 September 2022

Mordheim: The Circus is in town!

 Greetings all.

Bit of an unusual post from me today, because it's a Mordheim warband! I've got some major nostalgia about Mordheim, despite never having actually played a game... I fondly remember 1999 (for a great many reasons) and being very interested in the game with my school friends at the time. I got the boxed set for my birthday or Christmas that year, and fiddled around with the minis a bit, but never actually rolled any dice. I assume we got distracted by the equally awesome Blood Bowl, Necromunda, or possibly Warhammer Quest. Since then I've sold off what little Mordheim stuff I had (or converted it for other things), and never really thought much about it since.

That all changed when my good buddy Alex gave me the complete Circus of Corruption set from Old School Miniatures. This little lot are an awesome re-imagining of the classic Carnival of Chaos from Mordheim.

They actually sat unloved in my to do pile for a couple of years before I got round to them, but I finally did:

The complete warband

Carnival Master & Plaguebearers

Clowns (Tainted Ones)

Strongmen (Brutes)

Brethren 1

Brethren 2


I went with round bases for this lot because it's 2022, and I also based them all (except the Nurglings) on the slightly larger 32mm bases. Partly this was a functional choice because they're some very chunky models, but mostly I just like the way it looks. I'm itching to play some Mordheim with them now and party like it's 1999!