Saturday 25 June 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... More additions to the warband!

Greetings all.

What started as a little side project has become really rather addictive now. That project is, of course, the mighty Frostgrave. A fantastically fun and ocassionally frustrating (D20s are the enemy) game. If you haven't already been bitten by the bug, I strongly suggest you give in and allow it to happen. You won't regret it.

As our campaign progresses, I find myself adding more and more soldiers to the warband. The life of a soldier in Frostgrave can be somewhat short, but fortunately gold can be plentiful at times, which helps to cover the frighteningly high level of deaths in the workplace for these poor fellows.

Joining my merry band this week are two treasure hunters, and an apothecary. As befits the theme of my warband, all three are made from old school chaos models. In this case, two more thugs and a sorcerer:

Hope you like em. Work on my C34 Elementals project is also coming along nicely, so should have some more of those to show in the next few days. In the meantime, comments are most welcome.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Citadel C34 Elementals

Greetings all.

Just a quickie today.

Now I'm not usually one for collecting entire ranges of models, though I know that's a pretty common thing to do among the Oldhammer lot. I tend to collect with a purpose (i.e. gaming), or just go with what I like the look of.

I haven't really changed my mind on that, but I've sort of accidentally collected most of a range, so now I'm working towards completing it, because why not? That said, I suppose it's not really a complete range, but a part of it... Ok I seem to be rambling. The moral of this story is that I've collected and painted several of the C34 Elementals, and now I've decided to do the rest! 

You might remember the following from previous posts:

Plague Elemental

Air Elemental

Earth Elemental

I've just painted this chap, the Water Elemental:

That leaves me with Fire, Life, and Death to do. They're such cool models, I thought why not? I'll take a decent group shot once I've got them all done.

I've got Fire and Death in the painting queue, but if anyone has a Life Elemental that they'd care to part with, give me a shout!

Wednesday 8 June 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... The return!

Greetings all.

So this makes two posts this week, so I guess I'm on a roll!

I said a few weeks ago that I was done with my Frostgrave warband but as it turns out, I'm a notorious liar... Here are another six members of the (still growing) warband.

First up are two thieves. Even though I was happy with the thieves I painted before, it always bothered me that they were the only models in the warband NOT made from vintage chaos beauties. So because I'm the sort of obsessive weirdo that loses sleep over that kind of thing, I made two more:

I also needed some men-at-arms to protect my wizard a little better than the lowly thugs do:

Lastly I painted up a couple of infantrymen, pretty much because I wanted to:

Some Oldhammer stoics might be more than a little upset to see how much I mutilated a classic chaos thug to make the second of these two. And possibly even more so when they learn that no fewer than THREE thugs were harmed during the making of this conversion ;)

Anyway, hope you like em.

Monday 6 June 2016

Back to blogging!

Oh wow it's been a while! I'll blame it on the standard excuses of real life, family, work, a lethargy curse placed on me by a witch in the woods. You know how it is.

However... Despite being mega lazy with blogging duties, I have actually been quite productive hobby wise. I'm still in need of a proper photo set up though, so I apologise for the shocking quality of what follows. Frostgrave is still very much the order of business at the moment, and I've been expanding my bestiary with a selection of old school citadel:

Old school vampire

Marauder dryad as a medium construct

Boar, snow leopard, and wolf

Ice toad and small construct

Imp and converted minor demon (Tzeentch flamer, Khorne bloodletter, and heresy ghoul king bits)

Heroquest giant rats

Columns for "The Complex Temple" (Frostgrave scenario)

And that brings me all up to date! Got a load more Frostgrave stuff on the table, but then it's back to good old daemons for a while.

Comments welcome!