Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Citadel C34 Elementals

Greetings all.

Just a quickie today.

Now I'm not usually one for collecting entire ranges of models, though I know that's a pretty common thing to do among the Oldhammer lot. I tend to collect with a purpose (i.e. gaming), or just go with what I like the look of.

I haven't really changed my mind on that, but I've sort of accidentally collected most of a range, so now I'm working towards completing it, because why not? That said, I suppose it's not really a complete range, but a part of it... Ok I seem to be rambling. The moral of this story is that I've collected and painted several of the C34 Elementals, and now I've decided to do the rest! 

You might remember the following from previous posts:

Plague Elemental

Air Elemental

Earth Elemental

I've just painted this chap, the Water Elemental:

That leaves me with Fire, Life, and Death to do. They're such cool models, I thought why not? I'll take a decent group shot once I've got them all done.

I've got Fire and Death in the painting queue, but if anyone has a Life Elemental that they'd care to part with, give me a shout!

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