Sunday 24 May 2015

Blood for the Blood God! Cultists finished...

Greetings all.

Work continues on my Khorne force, and I'm delighted to say I've finished the last of my cultists. Here are the two Demagogues and a flamer-toting cultist (actually an old sorcerer model, but don't tell Khorne):

You might wonder why I've painted up such an odd number of these guys (actually an even number, but you know what I mean). The reason is so that I can use them as both Khorne Daemonkin cultists (in a unit of eight, with no duplicates), and as "normal" cultists (in a unit of 10, with a couple of duplicates). I've also got a choice of weapons for the Demagogue, and a flamer if points allow:

Comments are welcome!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Tanks for the memories: Re-refurbished Rhino...

Greetings all.

Bit of an odd post this, so let me explain.

Several years ago I built up a small World Eaters army, used it in a few games, and then sold most of it off. Although I got a decent price for it (and used the money to fund the purchase of MOAR DAEMONS), I regretted selling some bits as I was pretty fond of the army.

While gathering bits together for my fledgling Khorne Daemonkin army, I stumbled across one of my old World Eater rhinos on eBay, and immediately snapped it up.

I had originally restored the rhino from a poorly painted mess, and was pretty pleased with it. When I re-bought it, it turned out that its temporary owner hadn't been quite as kind to it as I was... But after a second bout of restoration work, I was left with this little beauty:

A very happy addition to my Khorne forces! I'll be using it to cart some Possessed around when running the Slaughtercult formation, and maybe even sticking some cultists in when not.

Comments are of course welcome!

Sunday 17 May 2015

Blood for the Blood God! More Khorne Daemonkin Cultists

Greetings all.

I'm still grinding through my Daemonkin cultists. They're a bit of a pain to paint, but they are extremely cool, so I'm persevering.

Got another four done this week, including a little friend for them:

The beastman is a minor conversion of an old WFB model. I just swapped out his shield hand for a pit slave hand holding a pistol, and tidied up the damage with a little green stuff. Clearly the Bloodfather favours this rabble if he has blessed them with a beastman to fight alongside them.

I'll get some better pictures of these guys when I've finished up the last few. Comments welcome in the meantime!

Sunday 10 May 2015

Blood for the Blood God: Khorne Daemonkin beginnings...

Greetings all.

I've been pretty quiet for a while, but only because I've been led astray by shiny new projects... Against my better judgement, I've decided to start a small KDK army, The Scions of Skalathrax. Here are the early beginnings:

The first batch of my KDK cultists. These guys are the old Paul Muller cultists, and I thought they looked pretty buff so they'd fit rather nicely for a bunch of mental Khorne worshippers. The second batch are here:

Two demagogues, one with a shotgun, and a pretty cool chaos sorcerer that I'll be using as a flamer-toting cultist.

Lastly, I've put together a suitable leader for this rabble:

He's built from a first edition World Eater and juggernaut, with a lightning claw and power fist from the Warp Talons set.

Not much to see just yet I know, but comments are most welcome!