Saturday 21 February 2015

Hobby update, a big one!

Greetings all.

Well it's been a little while since I posted (again)... I've had a lot of not so great real life stuff going on recently, but this little blog of mine isn't about real life, it's about toy soldiers (which are much more enjoyable). With that said, I have an update for you...

First up, I got the rest of my cultists ready for painting:

More old school goodness here, and more Necromunda goodies too. From left to right: classic beastman, Necromunda Wyrd, Confrontation Scavvy, Necromunda Pit Slave, and Necromunda Scavvy. Some minor conversion work here once again, using bits from the plastic Chaos Cultists. I'm well pleased with how this motley crew have turned out and I can't wait to get some paint on them!

I've also been experimenting with a bit of green stuff press moulding. I've had a headless flesh hound sitting around for some time, and as these chaps have been out of production for more than a few years, it's a little tricky to find a replacement. So I came up with a solution! It's the first time I've done any press moulding so it isn't perfect, but it came out better than expected so I'm rather pleased:

Lastly, as I'm constantly tinkering with my army list (so I can crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women. Obviously.), it gives me reasons to paint more models. My most recent iteration meant that I needed a handful more horrors, plus a few additions to my fast attack choices:

I painted this little lot up pretty quickly by my standards, but I'm pretty happy with them. Since painting these guys, I've actually tinkered further, so I need to paint up a few more dudes, but such is life!

Comments are welcome of course!

Wednesday 4 February 2015

We captured it for Chaos: Chaos Cultists WIP

Greetings all.

Not a big update from me today, but just letting you know that I am alive and well, and that I do have some projects very much on the go (just haven't had much to show for it till now).

You may remember that a while ago I was deliberating over my model choices for my Chaos Cultists (if you don't, trust me, I was!). In the end I decided to go for an eclectic rabble, and tie them together with a cohesive colour scheme.

My inspiration for the cult is definitely this picture (courtesy of Lexicanum):

This bunch of degenerates just screams "Chaos Cult" and I wanted a similar selection of rotters for my cult. With that in mind, here are the first five:

I've pretty much plundered the Necromunda and Mordheim ranges for my cult, as they're so full of character. These guys are made up of two early Scavvies, two Mordheim Dregs, and my one of my most favourite models, an Underhive Scum. I've done a small amount of conversion work to them, just to bring them in line with the armament in the codex. Got another five in the pipeline soon.

Hope you like em!