Friday 13 October 2023

Why HeroQuest is so great

 Greetings all.

Like most people of my age, HeroQuest was a bit of a gateway drug into the world of GW, and the hobby in general. I never actually owned a copy though, and although I remember messing about with it a bit as a kid, it doesn't really have the same level of warm nostalgia for me that other early GW games do. When I heard Hasbro were bringing it back I thought it sounded cool, but I wasn't really prepared to spend the money they wanted. That all changed when I managed to get an absolute killer deal for the base set, three expansions, and a character pack... 

So it turns out I've kind of gone all in with HeroQuest now. I've played a game with some of my pals, and even had a mess around with it with my little boy as well, so it's been a massive win. I've still got one expansion to paint up, but I absolutely blasted through the rest of it as you'll see below:

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Finishing off my Nurgle daemons: Part 3 - Plague Drones

 Greetings all.

I'm nearly there with my Nurgle Daemons now. Ages ago, as in literally years, I painted up some Plague Drones. Then a couple years later I painted up some more. I had always planned to beef up both of these units from three to six each, but kept on never getting round to it. Well, I've finally got round to it:

I've got Rotigus left to do, and then that's literally all the Nurgle Daemons done at last. Not that they ever see the table these days but it'll be nice to have them all finished after so long.

Monday 9 October 2023

Realm of Warcry... Completed it, mate.

 Greetings all.

Just a quick one to bring this project up to date. I "completed" my Realm of Warcry warband a little while back, and even got a little game in with them. I say they're "completed" because there are a few extra bits that I could add, plus there's always the chance they'll expand, but the main body of the warband that we originally rolled up is all finished.

The most recent addition was these dwarfs. I really wasn't looking forward to these as I couldn't really think of a way to make them Chaotic without looking rubbish and messy. I borrowed some ideas from my pal Alex who had made some before, and inspiration really struck when I found some spare Nurgle helmets in my bits box. As it turned out, they ended up being some of my favourite minis in the warband.

This has been a fun little project and a great creative outlet as well. I may add some more bits and bobs in the future, but for now Slumpscha Swampstrider and his merry band are finished.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Nostalgia project 2: Mordheim Undead warband

 Greetings all.

Riding the wave of nostalgia from the last post, I painted up another little something that takes me back to an earlier time whenever I think about it: an Undead warband for Mordheim. This was something I always wanted at the time, but never really got round to doing. The Dregs and Zombies are from my original attempt at the warband back in 1999, and it was nice to finally get them done. Everything else I scooped up on eBay just for this project. I also included a Heresy Miniatures Ghoul King just in case one of my Ghouls makes it to Hero status.

Nice to have these guys done and kind of tick that box (nearly 25 years later). Might even manage to get a game or two in with them!