Tuesday 23 August 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth: Even more additions to the warband!

Greetings all.

Now that our first Frostgrave campaign has drawn to a close, I've found myself in need of even more options for my soldier selection. Partly this is due to having a bit more gold in the kitty and wanting to upgrade, and partly due to having a better idea of what works and what doesn't (more speed + better fight = good, essentially). With that in mind, meet the newest members of the gang, two more thieves and two more treasure hunters:

This thief, Levar, is made from a chaos thug (of course), with a bit of chopping and green stuff work.

The second thief, Wiry Joe, is stretching the old school chaos theme, but only a bit. His legs come from a chaos thug that I chopped up for something else, while the body is from a ghoul, and the head from a plastic Middenheimer sprue.

The first treasure hunter, Harding, is made from a marauder thug, a bunch of green stuff, and another plastic head.

This treasure hunter, Sim, is a bit of an odd one. He's a very early chaos warrior, but I couldn't find a single painted picture of him anywhere of the Internet. Nevertheless, I chopped him up real good. A change in positioning and some new hands/weapons (kindly donated by Moonglum from the Eternal Champion range), and he was good to go.

Hope you like em!

Saturday 20 August 2016

Paper! Snow! A ghost!

Greetings all.

This post represents some of the easiest painting I've ever done, and I only wish I needed more of these!

I decided to clear a bit of the backlog this weekend, starting off with something that would be easy to paint, and therefore done in no time at all. So here are a bunch of spooky ethereals for our Frostgrave games:

We'll be starting on the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign soon, so I needed some banshees and some wraithknights (not the gigantic 40k kind). All of these are old citadel (as per usual). The banshees are from the Vampire Counts and Night Horrors ranges respectively. I've actually grown very fond of the (highly collectable) Night Horrors, so look out for more of them in the coming weeks.

The wraithknights are from the old Warhammer Quest expansion, Catacombs of Terror.

Hope you like em! 

Friday 19 August 2016

Mutant Overlord Ross the Boss

Greetings all.

Ever wondered what you'd look like as a mutant overlord in scavenged power armour? Yeh me too, which is why I had the legendary Kev Adams sculpt my face onto a suitable model at this year's BOYL.

Uncanny isn't it?

Obviously pretty tongue in cheek this one, but "Ross the Boss" will be leading my disparate band of mutant scum on a Rogue Trader battlefield sometime in the future.

Comments welcome!

Wednesday 17 August 2016

BFG (Big Frostgrave Giant)

Greetings all.


A pretty quick one today. I've got a couple things in the works currently, but I wanted to get a post up with an actual painted model. This handsome chap is an old Battle Masters plastic ogre, who will be serving as a Frost Giant in our games of Frostgrave. By way of a disclaimer I should probably say that Frostgrave giants are much less "giant" than those in Warhammer (more like Game of Thrones giants I suppose). Jorge is still a pretty big fella mind you. Anyway, nothing too fancy here, but I think he fits the bill rather nicely.

Comments welcome!

Wednesday 10 August 2016

No guts, no glory: Zombies and Plague Elemental

Greetings all.

Just a quick one from me this time (although that's two in a week - pretty good by my usual standards!). I actually finished the models you're about to see sometime last week, but with all the BOYL excitement I didn't actually get chance to take pictures of them. They painted up nice and quickly too, which was a bit of a result as I've been wanting to get them off my table for a while.

First up, two "speed painted" (still not that quick!) zombies, mostly to be used in Frostgrave:

These two are both made from the old(ish) GW plastics, the staple of many an undead army, as well as conversion fodder over the years. Not at all my best work, but they're only zombie grunts so I wanted to get them done as quickly as possible. I used Tamiya Clear Red, mixed with a little black ink, to pick out the gory bits.

The other model I managed to finish at the tail end of last week was a repaint of my Plague Elemental. I actually painted this exact model some time ago, just to get back into the swing of things painting-wise. He looked ok but I was never fully happy with him, so when it came to painting my way through the Elementals, I decided to strip and redo him. Here he is before the repaint:

And now after:

Definitely much happier with him this time round. I also based him up Frostgrave style, either for use as a major demon, or possibly the Alchemical Abomination in the Dark Alchemy campaign (probably he'll end up as both, and more).

I'm nearing completion of my Elementals mini project now, with just Life left to do. She's a little bit daunting though, and definitely the most detailed of the lot. Once I build up the courage to get cracking I'm sure it'll go better than expected (and I'll do a long overdue group shot of all of them together).

Comments are of course welcome.

Tuesday 9 August 2016

My BOYL coverage

Greetings all.

I'm a bit late to the party with this, but here are my pics from the excellent Oldhammer weekender at Foundry. I'll say a few words too, but mostly I'll just let the pictures of awesome models and lots of fun do the talking.

So this was my first time at BOYL, though I suspect it won't be my last. I traveled up with my good buddy Alex (from Leadballoony), and we stayed a short drive from Foundry, meaning that we managed to make it there nice and early each day. Alex managed to get a couple games in over the weekend, while I didn't roll a single die! I did have an absolute blast though, meeting loads of cool people, including the legendary Tony Ackland. Also had the honour of having my face sculpted by Kev Adams, so that was a bit of a result (incredibly nice bloke too).

I won't really say too much more before commencing the picture dump, as there's too much awesome to convey with words. Huge fantasy battles, painting competitions, and the incredible glass cabinets at Foundry to follow. I'm gutted to have not jumped on this bandwagon before, and I'll definitely be there next year (possibly with better organisation so that I can actually play a game or two!).

Enjoy the pics!