Monday 1 February 2021

2020 retrospective

Greetings all.

It's been a while since my last blog post, partly due to real life stuff, and partly because my heart hasn't really been in it, particularly with everything else going on in the world. It's a little hard to stay motivated when you can't see much of your friends and loved ones, and certainly can't play any games... Enough melancholy though, unfortunately it's just the state of play at the moment, but I suppose it wont last forever.

Despite a bit of a dip in motivation, I have actually managed to be at least somewhat productive. I'll post the few things I've finished recently, and then give a little wrap up of the rest of the year.

Most recently I've smashed out a quick paint job on my Warcry battlefield (Ravaged Land, for those of you who play the game). These little sets are self contained and frankly brilliant, and I'm thinking of picking up another one to expand it. Despite this being a very simple paint job, because I don't paint a lot of terrain it proved to be a bit of a learning experience for me. There were a few ups and downs (including a moment where I was sure I'd ruined part of it), but in the end I'm rather pleased with it!

Before that, I painted up a couple of star players and a new thrower for my Chaos Renegades, The thrower was particularly cool because I did a bit of sculpting work on him to repair him and bring his style more in line with the rest of the team. Nothing groundbreaking but I'm pleased with how he turned out.

Before those chaps, I quickly painted up some generic ghosts for games like Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep. These spooky bois came courtesy of issue one of Mortal Realms, so they were an absolute steal. It was around this time that I rebased all of my Frostgrave stuff to make it more compatible with other games. A bit of a ball ache to do, but well worth it I think (no pics of this, but I basically removed all the snow and replaced it with dead grass, like the bases for these ghosts).

The last things that I haven't yet posted on this blog are two journeymen for my Chaos Renegades. I used some really old school chaos players for these guys and they turned out pretty cool.

That's all the "recent" stuff out of the way, so I'll just do a big photo dump of everything else I've painted in the last year:

Phew. My 2020 wasn't quite as productive as some people's (I've seen people paint multiple armies during lockdowns), but given that work and family life continued unabated for me (for which I'm grateful tbh), I'm actually quite pleased with my output. Not including the Warcry terrain at the start of this post (which was completed in 2021), I've painted a total of 83 individual minis and bits. Not my best year ever, but not bloody bad.

I'll probably do a "2021 goals" post at some point soon, but I've talked enough for now! I do intend to post a bit more often as I find it helpful to document progress and reflections, even if it is mostly just for my benefit.

Till next time, stay safe and roll well.