Monday 30 November 2015

Painting continues!

Hello all.

Well I'm continuing to force myself to do a little painting here and there. I've been feeling like I've lost my enthusiasm for it a little, but I guess these things come and go. The only way to get back into it, is to get back into it. So that's exactly what I'm doing!

To ease myself back into things, I've been working on a few loose bits and pieces that I've had lying around for too long. The other day I finished off the mutant ogre and plague elemental that have been sitting in their undercoat for a couple of years... Yesterday I finished off a couple models that haven't been quite so neglected, but needed some attention nevertheless. This time it's the second edition pink horror command:

I do apologise for the shoddy picture; I haven't got a proper set up for taking photos at the new place yet.

These second edition chaps aren't my favourite horrors (first edition all the way), but these two do have a certain wacky charm.

Hope you like them, more painted lead to come soon. Currently working on a few Rogue Trader bits, and kinda feeling that I'm getting back in the groove a little.

Comments welcome of course!

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Getting back to it!

Hello dear readers!

So I'm all set up in the new place, and finally back to painting again! I kinda felt like I'd lost my mojo, so I thought I'd start small and tackle a couple of things I've had sitting around for a while. Enter the mutant ogre and plague elemental:

Nothing too fancy about these guys. I just wanted something fairly easy to paint that I'd been meaning to do for a while. Let me know what you think!

Friday 20 November 2015

I'm not dead, honest!

Oh hey, so you remember how I used to have this little blog where I painted and collected cool old chaos bits? Well I've still got it, and I'm still collecting and painting! Life has been getting in the way a lot recently, but I'm finally getting back on it!

I'm delighted to report that in the real world I'm getting married! As you might expect, getting that together has been eating into my hobby time somewhat. We've also moved house, so all my geek stuff has been boxed up for quite a while. I'm finally unpacked and I've got my hobby area all set up again, so plenty of painting to come in the near future ;)