Wednesday, 30 August 2023

Nostalgia project 1: Bommerz over da sulphur river

Greetings all.

Been a while again hasn't it? I'm barely hanging on with the blogging thing these days as I've said before, but I'm gonna continue posting until I figure out what I'm going to do with it. It's a good way of keeping an eye on progress, and there has been some progress.

My last update was in February and I've done a fair few interesting things since then. First up, and the subject of this post...

Bommerz over da sulphur river!

Does anybody remember this awesome little game? This takes me right back to the late 90s, playing with my mates on the last day(s) of the school term. As a result I just had to pick up a copy for myself. I'd seen somewhere on the internet that some people had updated their copies a bit to use minis instead of the cardboard counters that come with the game, so I did exactly that:

It's an awesome little game, and just as fun as I remember. I've played a few games of it now, including one with one of the school mates I used to play it with all those years ago.

This is the first in a series of what I'm calling "nostalgia projects". A lot of what I paint is pretty much nostalgia driven anyway, but there are a few things that really take me back to simpler times, and this is one of them.

Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Realm of Warcry update

 Greetings all.

As a group, me and the lads have been working away on our Tale of Four Gamers style Realm of Warcry project. Somehow Alex and Steve have both completely finished theirs, with me and Mark lagging behind a bit. Having said that, I have been working on mine a little, and I'm nearly at the point where I've finished all of my initial followers. 

My most recent additions are this "Cold One" and his Dark Elf handler:

Got a few annoying Dwarfs to add next, then maybe a few other extras.

Monday, 13 February 2023

Blood Bowl Goblin team complete!

 Greetings all.

I managed to tick one of my 2023 projects off the list almost right away with this one, which I'm delighted about. Despite having kinda lost my mojo a bit with actually playing Blood Bowl, I apparently just can't resist painting teams. So that's exactly what I did. In fact, not only did I paint a goblin team, I also painted up a few little extras to allow my to combine it with my Skaven team to form an Underworld Denizens team.

First up, the goblins. I went with the same "ketchup and mustard" colour scheme as my Skaven so that I could mix them up together. As I was using all old 2nd edition minis, I had to do a few conversions here and there as well, but it worked out.

The full goblin team

Trolls and journeymen

Normal gobbos

All the fun stuff! L-R: Chainsaw looney, Fanatic, Ooligan (converted), bombardier, pogo stick, Doom Diver

Staff and counters, including a very special converted coach from my good pal Alex

Star players and Underworld mutants

Goblin Star Players

Underworld Star Players

Underworld team

I was pleased to tick these off so quickly as I've been wanting to do them for a little while. Now off to lose a bunch of games with them!

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

2022 Hobby Retrospective

 Greetings all.

It's that time of year again. I'm actually a bit behind on posting some of my new stuff so I'll dump it at the end of this post just to bring everything up to date.

It's been a mediocre year in terms of life and general enjoyment of it, but actually an excellent year in terms of painting output. I've even played a few fun games along the way as well, so not bad at all. In total I painted 171 minis in 2022, which is my best year yet in terms of quantity. There are a few that I'm particularly proud compared to earlier efforts too, so I'd also rate it my highest in terms of quality. Very pleased overall.

My resolutions for 2022 and my progress against them are below:

Paint a Nurgle BB team (kindly gifted to me for my Birthday by my good buddy Alex)

Completely smashed this one right at the start of the year!

Paint my Untamed Beasts for Warcry. I've got several cobbled together warbands I could use, but I'd really like to have a "proper" one.

Flawless victory here as well. I've even managed to have a couple of games with these guys.

Paint some Necromunda Orlocks. Again I've got plenty I could use for Necro, but I'd love a proper house gang. These will no doubt see use in Stargrave as well.

No progress on this one. Necromunda kinda fizzled out but I would like to get to them before long.

Paint a Goblin BB team. Now that I've finished my Skaven, it seems silly not to have an Underworld team too, so I'm gonna paint up a whole Goblin team and mash them together as needed.

I made some really good progress on these right at the end of the year. Should manage to have them done in early 2023.

Probably start on the massive pile of Kill Team terrain I have laying about.

Kinda forgot about this!

Ok so not terrible as far as progress. I have done a huge amount of other stuff as you'll see below:

January kicked off the year with a couple odd bits to get the juices flowing:

In February I finished off my Nurgle Blood Bowl team and painted some long-neglected cultists:

In March I painted a little warband for a 40k/Stargrave style bash, plus a few other Nurgle bits:

In April I painted up my Untamed Beasts for Warcry, plus a few more Nurgle bits:

May was spent assembling various bits, and in June I painted a whole bunch of Nurgle bits for AoS and 40k:

In July I painted up some additions to my Skaven team, some additions to my Untamed Beasts, and of course some Nurgle bits:

August was spent painting up my first Mordheim warband:

September was mostly spent assembling my Goblin team for BB, but I also painted one extra mook for my Mordheim warband:

In October I started my Realm of Warcry warband and added a Plague Cart to my Mordheim warband, plus of course some more general Nurgle bits:

In November I painted more of my Realm of Warcry warband, plus some more Nurgle daemons:

Finally in December I painted another member of my Realm of Warcry warband, a couple random minis for Mordheim and Necromunda, a bloody massive Great Unclean One, and made a start on my Goblin Blood Bowl team!

And with that I think I'm up to date! Painting wise it's been my best year yet. Although I haven't really been blogging about it as much as I'd like, I've been making good progress.

Edit: I completely forgot to add some "resolutions" this time around. There's plenty of stuff that I'd like to get to and ideas that I have swimming around in my head, but I think I'll keep it realistic:

  1. Paint the rest of my goblin team and enough extra bits and star players to make an Underworld Denizens team too.
  2. Paint my 3rd edition Orc team for BB
  3. Paint my now pretty huge collection of Scavvies
  4. Paint all of my mounting collection of Darkoath. Essentially these are for Warcry, but they'll make useful generic barbarians (alongside my Untamed Beasts) for various other settings as needed.
  5. Paint up the last of my Warcry terrain.
  6. As a stretch goal, make a start on my Cursed City box. I don't expect I'll get it done this year even if I do manage to make a start, but it would be good to make a start on it if possible.