Friday 29 April 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... Warband complete!

Greetings all. 

This post is pretty long overdue, as I actually finished them off over a week ago. There doesn't seem to have been a great deal of interest in the Frostgrave project though. We'll see if that changes, as I intend to delve deeper into the game.

Despite arsing about with it for what feels like forever (but wasn't really that long to be fair), I've got my warband finished:

They're mostly made up of chaos thugs and led by a couple sorcerers, but I did include a couple of marauder wood elves that fit surprisingly well thematically.

I'm claiming that the warband is finished now, but if I'm being honest, it definitely isn't. I've still got a big pile of chaos thugs and warriors that would fit nicely, and there is plenty of room to upgrade or change soldiers as the campaign progresses.

Speaking of campaign games, my good buddy Alex and I will be beginning a fresh campaign tomorrow night, so I'll hopefully get some pics and words up following that.

In the meantime, comments are welcome!

Saturday 16 April 2016

Sowing Dragon's Teeth: Frostgrave skeletons

Greetings all.

Got some good work done this weekend on my growing Frostgrave bestiary. This time it's 10 skeletons for the mausoleum scenario:

An extremely quick and dirty job on these guys, but I'm happy with how they turned out for the amount of time I put into them. I picked up a bundle of them on eBay quite cheaply since they were in such poor condition. I managed to rescue most of them, and though they aren't quite perfect, they'll fill out the scenarios rather nicely.

Comments are welcome!

Friday 15 April 2016

Night at the museum: Frostgrave Living Museum statues

Greetings all.

Another word light post today (though not as picture heavy this time). Still working my way through the Frostgrave project, and this week sees the completion of six statues for the Living Museum scenario:

I went with the old mono pose chaos warriors, as they're clearly perfect for this, and I could get them for next to nothing. I cleaned them up and stuck them on some round plinths. I was planning to paint them as stone statues originally, but I thought I'd try out the aged bronze look. It turned out pretty well and came together pretty quickly too, so I'm happy. A little snow on the plinths and they were good to go.

Next up: actually finish painting my warband!

Sunday 10 April 2016

A big Frostgrave update!

Greetings all.

A quick post that will be picture heavy and word light... Been a busy not working on my Frostgrave stuff over the last few days. 

First up, a pretty quick paint job on an old citadel elemental and I had the perfect Granite Golem:

Another pretty quick paint job (which is much greener in real life, but doesn't seem to show in the photos) on two night horrors wraiths (also for Frostgrave scenarios):

And lastly, two more thugs for the warband of Sebassis Daemonclaw:

No more words from me, hope you like the pics!

Wednesday 6 April 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... Part six!

Greetings all.

Another quick post and accompanying dodgy pic from me today! I promise I will get a decent set up for taking photos soon, just keep "not getting round to it"!

Right, enough excuses! I painted up a couple of thieves for my Frostgrave warband. Here are Eldoth and Garrick (yes, I love Baldur's Gate):

They're both made from 80s wood elves. Eldoth is a slightly modified wardancer, while Garrick is a swordsman with a head swap from another wardancer. The big hair and studded threads fit rather nicely in with the rest of my warband.

Next up are a couple more thugs, and finally a captain to help keep this rabble in line. 

Comments welcome!

Friday 1 April 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... Part five

Greetings all. 

Another pretty quick post from me tonight. I've made a bit more progress on my Frostgrave warband. I'm trying to focus on just getting it finished now, but the creative juices are certainly flowing, and that tends to mean I get distracted thinking of the many, many different things I want to do with it.

Nevertheless, I've just finished two barbarians for the gang:

They may or may not make it into the final warband, depends on how the gold flows in I guess. They would make some suitable heavy hitters though.

I've got another game scheduled against my buddy Alex tomorrow night. We played on Monday, and very much played it safe while we were wrapping our heads around the rules. We'll see if we're any more reckless the next time round...