Friday 31 December 2021

Yet another mixed update

 Greetings all, 

I keep saying I'll refresh this blog and then never do, but I'm definitely not ready to let it die just yet. I'll make this a fairly quick post just to bring it all up to date again and then consider what to do next. 

As per usual I haven't been showing anything off or writing about it, but I have been painting a decent amount, and even playing a few games.

I'll go through it in reverse order, because there actually is a good amount to get through, thanks to my new best buddy "Contrast paints".

First up, I finished something that's been sat in its undercoat for literally seven years, and that's this daemonic "aegis defence line". It's been so long that I can't even remember where I got it from, but it's very cool. I painted it up to match my chaos bastion from years back. They're both in Word Bearer friendly colours because I had always planned a little Word Bearers army, but that never really got off the ground. Dark red is generic enough to fit with most evil factions though.

Next up I painted a Lord of Plagues that I've also had sitting around for a while. His shoulder spikes were damaged so I repaired those and slapped some contrast all over him till he looked good. Unfortunately I really like how he turned out (and his Blightking friends from before) so I'll probably have to paint some more of them.

I also added a couple more players to my Chaos Renegades team (which is more or less finished now).

In between all the proper painting I rebased some RT minis, which I think really improved their look.

I also added some 3rd edition (best edition) Blood Bowl Skaven Blitzers/Stormvermin to my team. These guys are a bit beefier looking than the 2nd edition ones.

Finally I used my best friend Contrast to fairly quickly paint up a Death Guard Kill Team. I've been meaning to get into KT for ages now, and the new edition seemed like the perfect time. I have an absolute mountain of DG minis that I'll probably get to as and when I feel like it. They're perfect for Contrast and they look great when they're done. The only thing holding me back is that I don't have much of a desire to play 40k these days!

And that brings it all up to date. I've currently got a few odd bits and bobs on the table, as well as a Nurgle Blood Bowl team that I got for my birthday, and I'm trying to get it painted rather than let it sit idle for years! I think next time I'll do the usual retrospective post, with a bit of a forward look to my 2022 plans.