Monday 15 April 2019

A moment for the fallen heroes

Greetings all,

As I haven't been painting a great deal recently, I thought it would be a good opportunity to show off some of the models that I've painted in the past, and have been lost to the mists of time (by which I mean sold or repainted).

First up is my Death Guard army from way back in 2008-2011. This was my first fully painted army, and saw a good few battles throughout the excellent 5th edition of 40k. It was mostly made up of old school renegades and I was pretty proud of it at the time, although the paint job was quite simple. Ultimately this army was stripped with the intention to repaint, but ended up getting sold off.

 The next few photos are what the army looked like after stripping and reassembling. I've still got a couple of these models, but most of them were sold.

Secondly I've got something that I've actually shown before, and that is my Undead/Necromantic team for Blood Bowl. I wasn't overly happy with these guys, but I do wish I'd repainted them, rather than selling them. I painted them around 2010 and added a few star players later, but ultimately they went on eBay. I *might* redo these guys someday, but I've got several other BB teams that I want to tackle first!

Next up is the army that immediately followed (and overlapped with) my Death Guard. This time I went for World Eaters. My biggest regret is selling off these guys, and I'd love to redo this army someday. They weren't all that good on the tabletop at the time, but they were lots of fun to paint, and there were some very cool models in there.

Lastly, a little abandoned project from the past: my Inquisitor (54mm) warband. I was interested in this when it first came out, looked at it again a few years later, but ultimately abandoned it as my gaming group went our separate ways over the years. I'm faintly interested in the Inq28 scene, but I don't think it's something I'll pick up again.

And that's it from me. Some big regrets there, with the moral of the story being to never sell painted models, no matter how much you need the money at the time! Some of this lot are on my mental list to replace at some future date, but time is my enemy at the moment, along with its evil sidekick, money...