Monday, 1 April 2019

The struggle continues... Oh yeh and some models.

Greetings all.

Well I haven't posted much recently, mainly because I haven't painted much recently. There's been a lot of real life stuff going on, and most of it not very fun... But enough about that, I suppose even these unpleasant times pass eventually.

In a vague attempt to stay motivated and avoid forgetting how to paint and whatever, I've picked up the brush now and then and finished off a couple old school Star Players for my Blood Bowl team:

Despite everything else going on, I've decided to stick with the BB league I joined, and I'm glad I did. I'm pretty rusty with BB, but it's going ok so far. One win and one loss, plus a few casualties caused, puts me at the upper-middle of the table, which I'm quite happy with for now (although I'm not sure it'll last!). I had intended to document my games with pictures etc, but I'm far too busy trying to remember the rules and try to think of vaguely clever plays! Might try and snap the odd pic from now on, just to have something to show.

The league did however prompt me to paint the Stars pictured above, as well as a couple of additional linemen:

I also painted rings around the base rims of the whole team to correspond with the 2nd edition style of colour coding. I went back and forth on this for ages, but it really does make it SO much easier to identify positionals during a game, particularly if your opponent isn't familiar with old school models, and it turns out that it's a pretty common BB practice for tournaments and whatnot.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. Here are a bunch of more recent pics I took of the team, now that they're "finished" (I'm already planning more additions):


  1. That chain saw guy brings back some serious memories! Top mini and top looking team there. I'm that close to getting back into Blood Bowl.

    1. Well this is a woefully late reply because I didn't see this comment... Thank you muchly however! I highly recommend you get back to BB; it's even more awesome than Necromunda ;)