Monday, 6 June 2016

Back to blogging!

Oh wow it's been a while! I'll blame it on the standard excuses of real life, family, work, a lethargy curse placed on me by a witch in the woods. You know how it is.

However... Despite being mega lazy with blogging duties, I have actually been quite productive hobby wise. I'm still in need of a proper photo set up though, so I apologise for the shocking quality of what follows. Frostgrave is still very much the order of business at the moment, and I've been expanding my bestiary with a selection of old school citadel:

Old school vampire

Marauder dryad as a medium construct

Boar, snow leopard, and wolf

Ice toad and small construct

Imp and converted minor demon (Tzeentch flamer, Khorne bloodletter, and heresy ghoul king bits)

Heroquest giant rats

Columns for "The Complex Temple" (Frostgrave scenario)

And that brings me all up to date! Got a load more Frostgrave stuff on the table, but then it's back to good old daemons for a while.

Comments welcome!


  1. Great to have you back.
    Man, I love that leopard.

    1. Cheers dude, tis good to be back!

      Btw, it was after painting about the fifth spot that I started to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea... ;)

  2. Very nice mate, quite the collection growing here! Looking forward to seeing them all later :-)