Monday, 14 April 2014

Army list thoughts: 1500pts (again!)

King's Landing baby!

Greetings all.

Ok so the picture is completely unrelated, but as I don't have any models to show you, I thought I'd share!

Been a while since I've posted... I've not been completely idle, but most of my gaming time has been spent assembling ancient bits of lead for my army. I thought I'd just let you know that I'm not dead though. Been thinking about working my list more towards something "competitive" (how I hate that word!).

After another kicking at the hands of my clubmates (three in a row now... oh dear), I've re-jigged the list to this:

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh - Lash, Portal, Wings, Armour, ML3

11 Horrors
11 Horrors

Fast Attack
16 Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch - Greater Reward, Grimoire, Wings, Armour, ML3

Aegis Defence Line

It's similar to what I've been running, but with a few important tweaks. I only have two troops, but I'm very much of the opinion that that's all I need. I can keep the pressure on and do some late game contesting, so I just need a couple campers. I do also have the portal to reinforce home objectives if need be.

The hounds have been beefed up too, and now hide out behind the ADL. I deploy it forwards and let them scout up behind it. If night fighting is in effect, then all the better, or if I get lucky and roll Mental Fortitude (so they can GtG behind it and then pop right up again). The inclusion of the ADL comes from being battered by first turn Eldar and Space Marine firepower recently... Gonna try it out for a while and see how I get on.

Thoughts are welcome as ever. Next time I promise to have (relevant) pictures ;)


  1. Also been tempted with fortifications just to shore up my center. My opponents are a lot more aware now of my weak spots so it's a lot harder now to stay alive basically. Though I think it's great fun with the challenge and that daemons handle things on the fly really well.

    I use seekers and daemonettes now and portal the horrors. Seekers are really good, they really kept me in the game in a hard fought battle against a Rhino spam Raven guard list. The KoS also was a charmer. So I will continue to play my heavy tzeentch/slaanesh mixed list:
    LoC, lev3, 1 greater
    KoS, lev3, 2 greater

    20 daemonettes
    14 daemonettes incl icon

    3 fiends
    5 flamers

    10 seekers incl icon

    Tzeentch DP, wings/armour, lev2, portal
    Slaanesh DP, wings/armour, lev2, lash

    That's 1800 but to get it down I'd just reduce the daemonettes to 10 in each squad and remove the flamers and/or fiends.

    1. I'm liking the fortification so far, but it needs many more games to be certain. It's great when you're not sure what kind of terrain will be available, as you're at least guaranteed some decent cover first turn.

      You're liking the Seekers so far then? I really like them on paper for speed and killing power, but I'm not sure about their survivability... They'll keel over to a stiff breeze! Do you outflank them?

    2. Yeah the seekers really surprised me as well. I added them cause I got some mint 2nd hand plastic ones and they are great minis. But gamewise I first used them to avoid getting outflanked myself. They have a huge print and even if they're charged their initiative rules will let you get most of them in either way. But best part is that they will most likely get the charge if you want them to, heck they get +6 on fleet move, and on the charge hammer of wrath + 40 rending attacks = yes please! But have a divination caster near them for buffs and hopefully some maledictions on the unit you charge.