Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Some pictures from last night's game

Greetings all.

Just a quickie post to show a couple pics from the game I played last night. I played the same guy as last week (with the harlequins), and this time he brought along a foot based Eldar list.

The Stormbringers managed to pretty much clean up, mainly thanks to the invisible flesh hounds getting the job done as usual!

The horde approaches...

Just to show how badass he really is, the Phoenix Lord stands atop the vortex unleashed by one of his underlings (which managed to deal a lot more damage to the Eldar than to the daemons...).

Another awesome game, and I'm glad to be playing again!


  1. Man that must feel gratifying to see your hard work and dedication come to fruition. Especially against an opponent who brings a Phoenix lord and a vortex grenade to a gunfight.
    Down with beards! Down with power gamers!

    1. Haha nah it wasn't like that at all! I think he just wanted to try out the craziness that is 40k! Top bloke and not a beard at all, I assure you! It certainly made it interesting having that bloody vortex floating about and obliterating everything in its path!