Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Pact to the Future: the last of the Renegades

Greetings all.

Another quick post from me, as per usual. I've managed to spend some of my limited hobby time finishing off the last of the Renegades for my team. With these guys done, I now have a full squad of "normal" players. I still need to finish off the coaching staff, and then move on to phase two (mutants and star players), but I'm getting there!

First up, Jizmak Da Gusha, the Orc Renegade:

And my Skaven Renegade, Oderus Urungus.

Once I'm done with the coaching staff, I'll get some decent pics of the whole team together too.

Feels good to have these guys done, as it means I now have a second fully painted Blood Bowl team to play with. Till next time!


  1. Boy, these guys really bring back some memories! (Though yours are much better painted than the ones I had, back in the day!)

    Is your plan to use these with the current rules? Or older rules that these were originally made for?

    I haven't seen the current rules and wonder if you can have mixed teams like you used to.

    1. Cheers dude! Yeh these guys are pure nostalgia in mini form :)

      I actually made them specifically to use in the current rules! They pretty much suck as a team most of the time, but I’m going to slog it out during our next season regardless (assuming the world ever returns to normal that is)!

    2. Ugggghhh... I really didn't need to read that. I've been trying to avoid getting into the new Blood Bowl - telling myself it'll cost too much to buy all new teams... but, damn, if I can use all my OLD minis....

    3. Is the rulebook all I'd really need to play - if I had minis and an old astrogranite field and stuff...?

    4. Haha I exclusively use old metal minis of various vintage for it, so you’ve got no excuse there :P

      As a slight disclaimer though: you do need the new boxed set really, plus a couple of other books, to make a good go of it. It’s not a huge outlay compared to most of their games mind you. Certainly nothing like the clusterfuck that is Necromunda...

    5. Damn... What do you need from the box...?

      "Clusterfuck that is Necromunda"? Why is it a clusterfuck? I can play it with just two rulebooks and my old miniatures and terrain!? I mean, I guess if you want the tactics... Is that it? We just play without them entirely. If you really, REALLY felt you needed them they're available for download from... y'know... places...

    6. Pretty much everything is different (pitch size etc), and the rulebook is only available in the box!! Mad!

      I mean yeh you do have a point on the Necro front. But the whole re-release of it has been a state, with so much of it going OOP right away. I’ve played a couple games with just the basics, but if you really wanna go all in, it’s just not possible at this point!