Thursday, 8 October 2020

Accidental Warcry warbands

 Greetings all.

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I haven't done much in the way of painting. I've been assembling a few bits and bobs, but that's not very exciting to look at. I did paint one thing, which I'll show you below.

What I have done is cobble together two Warcry warbands from models that I already had painted. I haven't actually played much Warcry, but everyone seems to love it, and if the world ever returns to normal I'll give it a bash.

Anyway here's my Nurgle warband:

And my Khorne warband:

I've also got a cool Gorehound model that I'm gonna add to these at a later date for an alternative leader.

Whilst I was messing around with my Bloodletters, I finally decided to convert an icon bearer for them, to bring the unit up to 10. I had a few odd broken bits from the original lot of Bloodletters, so I pinned them together and added a modern Khorne icon:

Till next time.


  1. These look great!

    I've been back and forth about picking up Warcry for some time - mostly because I wouldn't have to buy any new figures... I have loads of daemons - and might be able to BS togehter other warbands with an assortment of other fantasy miniatures... Haven't bit the bullet yet, though...

    1. Cheers Tim! It's a fun little game, I do recommend it! Just another thing to keep up with though, along with GW's constant treadmill of releases...

    2. I'm trying to get OFF that treadmill and just play with what I've got... I was hoping I might be able to get away with just the core rulebook for Warcry and just play with the minis I already have...

      I guess the SMART thing would be to just play the GAMES I already have with the miniatures I already have... but no one ever accused ME of genius! Ha!

    3. Ah yes I know that feeling well... I wasn't going to buy in to Warcry or Necro, and yet here we are!