Monday, 4 July 2022

Painting update: Warcry (Untamed Beasts)

 Greetings all.

Another quick update just to try and catch up. This time it's my new-ish Untamed Beasts warband for Warcry. I've already got plenty of AoS style warbands that I could use, but I really wanted a "proper" one because they're so cool.

And here they are in action:

Till next time.


  1. Great work, Ross. The pics of the warband on the battlefield are gorgeous. I love your set-up! It looks like you're using a battle mat, but it's a well chosen one because it fits all your terrain so well.

    1. Thanks man, I’m really pleased with how they turned out. They looked pretty cool in action too! The mat is actually just the one that comes in one of the Warcry sets, but it’s very cool.