Thursday, 13 March 2014

Down at the bottom of the garden (of Nurgle): Nurgle Daemons Showcase

Greetings all,

To continue my little showcase of my old school daemons, I have for you this morning my Nurgle cavalcade.

I rather like Nurgle daemons (Nurgle is probably my favourite chaos god), but I've struggled to make them successful on the field of battle. Regardless, I'll probably expand this section of the army because I just love the jovial character of the old school Nurgle daemons. No more words now, only pictures...

The cavalcade together

Daemon Princes with Baleswords

Bilebelch Hackspine: Daemon Prince

Festerheard Gutrend: Daemon Prince

Slugglutton Vomitstench: Great Unclean One

Carnival of Chaos

Scabieathrax: Forge World Great Unclean One

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