Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A big thank you (oh, and some models)!

Greetings all.

Just a quickie from me to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in my blog so far. It's still getting off the ground but I'm delighted to say that I had the most page views so far yesterday, and I now have my first follower!

So a big, big thank you from me! I've got loads more to paint and post, so hopefully this blog will continue to grow.

Extra special thanks also to the Oldhammer Community on Facebook, there are so many wonders on that page and so much encouragement from all.

I feel like it would be rude of me not to post some pictures of pretty models while I'm here though, so here are some snaps of my Blood Bowl Undead / Necromantic team that I painted a few years ago:

Whole team
Head Coach (Old School Chaos Sorcerer)
Mummies - Mumm-Ra and Boney M
Flesh Golems - Seymour Gutts and Patrick Mortis
Werewolves - Barkimedes and Horrifido
Ghouls - Mal Odorous and Mal Content
Ghouls - Mal Formed and Mal Icious
Wights - Hanover Fiste and Carrion Waywardson
Zombies - Doug A. Grave and Hal E. Tosis
Zombies - Mort U. Airey and Lance A. Boyle
Zombies - Alfredo D. Darke and Barry M. Deep
Assistant Coaches
Turn counter and score counter
Converted Hack Enslash
Converted Sinnedbad

Phew... Bit of a big picture dump, but I hope you enjoy! Comments are welcome as always.


  1. I'm happily joining your blog, some great models at display for sure !

    May I advise you to add a little follower gadget on the side, it eases life for the lazy :D

    Oh and man, those names for the players are just epic!

    1. Ta very much dude, I'm also following you ;)

      Thanks for the tip with the gadget; I'm still new to the blogging scene so any advice is most welcome!

      Glad you like the player names too; terrible puns are one of the best things about Blood Bowl, so I had to do a few of my own!