Thursday, 14 August 2014

Soul-searching: Slaanesh Soul Grinder WIP (Part Deux)

Greetings all.

You probably shouldn't get too used to this daily posting malarkey, but enjoy it while it lasts. Just another quick update tonight; I've made some more progress on the Slaanesh Soul Grinder:

I've done quite a bit of conversion work to this guy. The main chassis has been chopped down to accommodate four legs instead of six. This meant that I had to completely replace the engine parts at the back. Thank you butchered Space Marine Dreadnought, your sacrifice was not in vain. You can see in the picture too where I've magnetised the join where the torso sits. Nearly finished with the legs now, just a few little details to add.

At this point I should probably credit my sources of inspiration. After a great deal of Googling for cool Soul Grinder / Defiler conversions, I stumbled upon this version from Amaximus. This guy's blog was an excellent resource when I was planning this conversion, so thanks to him for that. I also spliced some of his ideas with a bit of inspiration from this one by Mordian7th. Both very cool blogs, so check them out if you haven't already.

Before I go back to assembling this beast, I thought I'd share with you something that amused me yesterday. I was assembling the torso and head bits for the Grinder and I had to create a suitable ball joint to fit into the socket neck of the Maulerfiend's head. I used a bit of moistened green stuff and pressed it into the socket to get the right shape, and this is what came out:

It could just be my puerile mind at work, but I'm sure most of you will agree that this is hilariously phallic. I was expecting a reasonably spherical blob, but instead I was greeted with that. Despite being alone at my desk I couldn't help but laugh out loud...

Anyway, till next time.


  1. Hail brother!

    Nice work so far and fun seeing you do some contemporary kits ;)

    Got myself a blog as well now. Just started!


    1. Hail brother!

      Glad you like it so far. There will be one or two more modern bits finding their way into the army over the coming months, but with plenty more old school goodness to counterbalance it ;)

      Glad to see you're on the blogging bandwagon too mate, I'll check yours out when I'm not posting from my phone!

  2. Cheers brother! Oh and I think viewing the blog is best on my phone, but then I formatted it like that cause I'm primarily surfing on it.