Saturday, 22 October 2016

Even more Frostgrave gribblies!

Greetings all.

Prep work for the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign continues at a fairly steady pace. This time I've finished off some loathsome ghouls and a troll. The campaign calls for an undead troll for one of the scenarios, but I wanted something I could use again and again, so I went with a more "generic" troll. He'll make a fine undead troll, but can also be used as a wandering snow troll in other scenarios. Onto the pictures:

The ghouls are the old GW metal versions, sculpted by the excellent Paul Muller. Definitely my favourite iteration, and I've got some of the ghouls he did for Heresy too, so they'll fit in nicely.

The troll is a very old Citadel Fantasy Tribes troll. I rather liked that he had the look of a proper D&D style troll, and like the werewolf I painted last week, he has his dong out...

That's all for this round. On the table at the moment are another 5 ghouls, and a big fella to lead them...


  1. Splendid mate - is it bad that I love the fact that Zombie Troll has his Ghoulies out??

    1. Whayyyyy! Wish I'd said that now!

    2. I had that X-rated Troll when I was a nurgling. Oft I looked at him and wondered, "Am I normal?"

      In any case, he's a great sculpture, and you did a great job bringing out his dirty troll nubbliness.

    3. Haha yeh he certainly seems to be packing! He's a bit of an odd one, but a very cool sculpture nonetheless. Pleased with how he came out :)