Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Blood Bowl, Week Two

Greetings all.

Another pretty quick post for me, as I *still* haven't painted anything... However, I did manage to get in another Blood Bowl game this week, in the league at my local club.

I was planning to take a few more pictures of this game, but my opponent hadn't yet painted his team, so I decided not to. He was a great opponent though, and this was a tense and very close game, right until the end. Two games played and two wins under my belt, so off to a good start.

This week's game was against Goblins, a team that I've never actually played against, and it was quite an interesting one! Even though they're supposedly a bottom tier team, they're definitely not to be underestimated. Secret weapons and Trolls can go a long way!

My Orcs won the roll off and elected to receive, caging up nice and early, and planning to cause some carnage while slowly moving down the pitch. A classic Orc strategy. Although it did actually go to plan, the sneaky little gobbos certainly made me work for it... between bombs, fanatics, and trolls, my boys ended up getting bogged down for a long time, and we were lucky to break free and make a run for the end zone. I just made it in time for the half time whistle.

In the second half, I didn't have quite so many secret weapons (or indeed Goblins) to contend with, but it still ended up getting pretty interesting. My Orcs had managed to steal the ball from the Goblins, and had caged up in one of the wide zones with a good amount of time to spare. Unfortunately, a well-thrown bomb, followed by an equally well-thrown Goblin, meant I was almost looking at a 1-1 draw. Luckily it was at this point that Nuffle turned his back on my opponent, and I managed to steal the ball back and make a break for the end zone (thanks to a very un-Orcy passing play).

Another 2-0 victory for my boyz, a level up for a Black Orc (taking Block), and some more winnings (to go towards a second thrower or troll). It's all going suspiciously well at the moment, but let's hope my good fortune continues...

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