Wednesday, 22 January 2020

A load of waffle and some WIP bits

Greetings all,

2020 is off to a relatively slow start for me in terms of hobby output, but I'm kind of ok with that seeing as I actually am doing some things. The last year (or so...) has been generally quite crap, and that has led to my hobby mojo really suffering. It's also meant that I haven't really been blogging much, as I haven't exactly had much to show.

Things are hardly going to change overnight of course, and 2020 looks set to bring its own challenges, but things do seem to be on a (very, very gradual) upward trajectory, and I'm fine with that for now.

It got me thinking about why I (occasionally) update this blog. If it was just to show off my painted and converted models, and maybe get the odd comment, then I might as well just post it on Facebook, or one of the many other popular social media platforms. It occurred to me that this isn't really the reason I do it. This blog is to document my hobby journey, and that's hard to replicate anywhere else. I don't have millions of followers, or even get that many comments these days, but that's not really why this blog is here anyway. Frankly I get enough enjoyment out of re-reading my own blog posts to make it worth doing. It's easy to get swept up in life and forget about all the things you've achieved (or indeed, not achieved), and this is a great method of taking a look back over what you've done over the years, and the sort of person you were then, and are now.

I guess maybe for some people it's not quite as deep as all that, and maybe it is just about looking at pretty pictures of painted models, without tumbling down an existential rabbit hole. Personally though, I love seeing the journey, as well as reflecting on my own journey. Whenever I follow a new blog, I like to go back to their very first post(s) and see where they've come from and what made them start it.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure of the point I'm making, mostly because I'm not really making a point. I'm going to continue blogging as and when I can, hopefully with more to show than I have had in a while, and hopefully a few people will continue to find it interesting. Mostly though, I'm doing it for myself, so that I can look back in a few years time at the road I've taken to make me, me.

With that brain dump out of the way, check out this big pile of old Blood Bowl crap that I'm working on, as and when the urge takes me:

I've done a few small conversions here and there that I should probably take a picture of, because that's interesting too right?

That's it for now though, till next time.


  1. I've had some of the same thoughts about blogging versus other social media outlets - and, more or less, came to the same conclusions. Part of it is habit. Part of it is I find it an easier platform to connect words and pictures. I have, in the last year, joined Twitter and Instagram, and have been on Facebook and posted lots of pictures in groups and stuff. Still like blogger.

    Some classic Blood Bowl minis in there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

    1. I know that feeling Tim. The current social media outlets don't quite scratch the same itch for me. I certainly like them for browsing and inspiration, but when it comes to chronicalling my own hobby journey, it's got to be a format like this.

      I keep getting too distracted to make much progress with my BB teams, but they're still near the top of the list!

  2. Good to see some classics. And nice to know I'm not the only one with a mountain of older models to paint/repaint.

    1. Oh man you should see the mountain... I've made myself feel better by organising most of it into little drawers, but there is so much!

  3. That's why i'm doing it too man. It's a hobby diary. Get everything together and laid out nice, see some progression. Reddit, Facebook etc are great for sharing pcitures and getting comments, but they're transitory by design. A day later and your work's swept away. A blog's just a more personal, lasting thing and a nice contrast to social media. Youre not alone in the mountain of lead btw! I've got 3 long term retirment projects sitting in boxes under the painting desk that will take decades to paint!

    1. That’s exactly my thoughts too man. I regularly look back on my pics (and thoughts from the time) to see the progress that I’ve made, especially when I feel like I’m not making any.

      I’ve got nearly one of each Blood Bowl team stashed away to get to one day, although I’m hoping to get through at least one this year...