Friday, 4 February 2022

2021 hobby retrospective

 Greetings all.

I'm a bit late to the party with this one, but never mind. I'm not really all over the blogging like I used to be, but I'm half-heartedly keeping the plates spinning at least. With that in mind, it's time for a 2021 retrospective, which isn't nearly as bleak as this intro seems to be!

Despite not blogging a great deal, or revamping the blog as I continually promise I will, or indeed having much of a readership these days, I have done an absolute tonne of painting. I've also done a not-insignificant amount of gaming, despite lockdowns and whatnot getting in the way of that.

I kicked the year off (after some minor surgery) with some Warcry terrain:

Having enjoyed painting it so much, I decided to paint some more Warcry terrain and a few extra bits to go with it:

I was around this time that I finally took the plunge with Contrast paints, and they basically changed my entire life. I started absolutely smashing out painted minis, or at least compared to my usual output:

Around the middle of the year I painted up my Oldhammer Skaven team for BB, and got a few games in with them, as well as played a bit of Stargrave (which I'll come back to in the future for sure):

After that I added a few extra bits to the Skaven, as well as continued the Contrast experiments with some Nurgle and a few other random bits. Also started adding to my sci-fi terrain collection:

To round off the year I painted some more terrain that had been neglected for a long time (thanks Contrast), did a bit more Nurgle, added a few minis to my Chaos Renegades BB team, went on a bit of a rebasing spree, and painted a Kill Team (thanks again Contrast!):

And that rounds up the year! All in all I painted 167 individual minis or bits of terrain, which is bloody good going I think.

My resolutions for 2022 are pretty straightforward really:

  1. Paint a Nurgle BB team (kindly gifted to me for my Birthday by my good buddy Alex)
  2. Paint my Untamed Beasts for Warcry. I've got several cobbled together warbands I could use, but I'd really like to have a "proper" one.
  3. Paint some Necromunda Orlocks. Again I've got plenty I could use for Necro, but I'd love a proper house gang. These will no doubt see use in Stargrave as well.
  4. Paint a Goblin BB team. Now that I've finished my Skaven, it seems silly not to have an Underworld team too, so I'm gonna paint up a whole Goblin team and mash them together as needed.
  5. Probably start on the massive pile of Kill Team terrain I have laying about.
Let's see how it goes!

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