Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Top Ten Miniatures!

Greetings all.

There's a bit of a trend going on in the Oldhammer community with members posting their favourite miniatures of all time. I thought I'd jump on this bandwagon and post my own list. Now, I'm incredibly fickle so this will probably change in the next day or so...

Some of these minis are painted by me, others are plucked from the Warp (ahem, Google).

In no particular order:

Pink Horror - Squawker
Image from my personal collection.
Or more generally, all of the first edition Pink and Blue Horrors. These guys represent everything that is great about the Realm of Chaos era. They ooze character and their cheerful demeanour makes  them at once charming and disturbing. I also love the fact that they're all individually named.

The Chaos Toilet
Image from my personal collection.
Well, what is there to say about the Chaos Toilet? It comes from a time where anything was possible for Chaos, no matter how crazy. I guess in some ways it's a good thing that they've reined in the crazy somewhat, but part of me still longs for the silliness of the old days. FYI, this guy is being redrafted into my current Chaos army as a Spawn.

Nurgle Chaos Champion
Image from my personal collection.
This was pretty much an impossible choice to narrow down. You may have noticed that I have something of a penchant for classic Chaos models. The Jes Goodwin Champions are all among my all time favourites. I've got a pretty good selection of them right now, but of course the intention is to collect them all. For the purposes of this little exercise, I've picked this guy as my favourite. To be quite honest though, that choice could have gone to any of that range.

Forge World Great Unclean One - Scabieathrax
Image from my personal collection.
Something a bit more modern now. I was given this model as a birthday gift from my lovely girlfriend a couple years ago, and it was a delight to paint. The sheer level of detail is incredible, all the way down to the tiny Nurglings tugging at his guts. Gross.

Eldar Revenant Titan
Image stolen from Forge World site.
Another Forge World model. I'd love to hate the Revenant Titan, being game-breakingly good as it is. The problem is that the thing is so damn beautiful. I would almost welcome the opportunity to face one of these. Almost.

Ork Meganobz
Image stolen from
The original Ork Nobz, specifically the one in the middle. To my mind, this is what Orks are. This is what they were when I started playing, and that way they will stay. I think I like them for the same reasons I like old school Chaos so much, and that is the overall silliness mixed with palpable threat. If I could be arsed to paint that many more models, I'd have an Ork army. But I cant, so I don't.

Chaos Dreadnought
Image from my personal collection.
This one was one of the models that drew me to Chaos in the first place. I love the disturbing biomechanical nature of the whole model, and the unsettling skull face. Like an IDIOT, I sold both of these two a while back... I think I might need to rectify that situation.

Escher Juve
Image stolen from
Another tricky one to narrow down. Pretty much the whole Necromunda range is pure gold. I picked this Escher Juve as my favourite, mostly because of the expression on her little face. She's so tiny compared to that comparatively gigantic autopistol she's clutching, definitely justifying her BS of 2...

Ork Dakkajet
Image stolen from Games Workshop webstore.
Another more modern one this time, and another Ork one. I think I rather like the current Ork range. The Dakkajet is just as ramshackle as any Ork vehicle should be, and probably the only 40k flyer that actually looks like a plane.

Palanquin of Nurgle
Image stolen from
Last but by no means least, the Palanquin of Nurgle. Literally dripping with Realm of Chaos era character. I really need to get around to painting mine.

This post took me bloody ages to write, because that list was a big job to compile. Whatever else you might say about GW, they sure do produce some badass models.

Any choices you agree or disagree with? Let me know!


  1. I thought I recognised the dreadnoughts, I bought them and a bunch of others off you a couple of years back. They have only had one battle since then.

    Good choices the planaquin and juve are my picks from he list.

    1. Haha small world right? Shame they've only seen one battle, but I can't say they saw a great many more in my hands either. I love the model and the concept, but GW just don't seem to be able to write rules to match!

    2. I get a funny feeling I have one of your minis too as it happens, a RT Khorne Traitor with a gun barrelled hand and a circular saw on the end of it's tail- the saw is bloodstained like those dread claws and the base is very similar...could just be a coincidence though!

    3. I think that sounds very familiar you know... It's not this guy here is it?

      I sold off all my World Eaters a couple years ago. Partly because I just couldn't get them working on the battlefield (I'm a big gamer as well as a collector) and partly to fund my daemon obsession. Definitely a regret, but it's not so bad knowing they're in the safe hands of other collectors!

    4. Yes, that's him alright!
      He's in safe hands, awaiting the day when I paint up some comrades to join him- he's the only mini I've ever bought from Ebay that didn't get stripped as it happens!

    5. I'm taking that as quite the compliment brother! Glad you like him :)