Monday, 31 August 2015

No one expects the Radical Inquisition!

Greetings all.

So I've finally got round to posting up some pics and background for my Radical Inquisitor and his chums. I'll be expanding this warband quite a lot over the next few weeks and months, so keep em peeled.

Formerly associated with the Ordo Xenos, Emeric's far-ranging travels have opened his eyes to the many alien horrors that lurk in the depths of space. He now holds the view that even the worst humanity can offer is far more worthy than the "best" of the hated xenos scum. Emeric associates with all manner of deviants and mutants, utilising and even respecting their unique determination to survive in a universe that hates them. This alone would be enough to earn him censure among his peers, but Emeric also has ties with the radical Istvaanian faction. He uses his mutant terrorists, abhuman mercenaries, and deadly assassins to stir up conflict, so that only the strongest may survive to ensure the future of the imperium. Needless to say, his methods have been questioned on many occasions, but he has thus far succeeded in delivering results that have prevented any official reprimand.

This guy is an unmodified inquisitor Augustus from the RT adventurers range, with a simple colour scheme that follows the original fairly closely. The model isn't exactly the finest in terms of detail, but it does have a certain appeal.

Gaxt is a member of inquisitor Emeric's abhuman mercenary force. He and his brothers will gladly charge into the most brutal warzones, returning bloody and bruised, but victorious. The use of abhuman troops might not be widely accepted in the imperium, but their brutality appeals to Emeric's warmongering nature, and long term vision for the future of mankind.

Gaxt is an unmodified beast trooper from rogue trader. I rather liked the name Gaxt, so I kept it. Perhaps it's a fairly common name, like the "John" of the beastman world. I painted him with a similar palette to his master, maintaining cohesion without a uniform.

Originally slave workers on the agri world of Wurzel IV, Slythe and the rest of his mutant band revolted against their oppressors, leading to a protracted guerrilla war. When the call for help was sent, inquisitor Emeric answered, offering the mutants a much greater destiny in the service of the inquisition (much to the surprise of the planet's authorities). Such a resource allows Emeric to infiltrate and sabotage cults and criminal organisations from the inside, where an inquisitor would quickly be exposed.

Slythe is one of the gorgeous unreleased Scavvies, sculpted by Jes Goodwin, and gifted to me by my good buddy Alex. He's been slightly modified, as my version was a little miscast, leaving the shotgun looking a little "blobby". I did consider replacing it, but I decided I'd rather keep such a rare model as it was, so I cleaned it up as best I could and just went with it. It's not perfect, but I can't imagine mutant weapons are, so I'm happy. Again I went with the same palette as the rest of the group, to tie them together, but also provide a little variation.

Well that's my warband as it stands. Got plenty more ideas and plenty more models to make them come to life, so watch this space!


  1. They all look great, nice to see classic figs, especially painted unreleased confrontation figs. Awesome.

    1. Cheers dude! Expect plenty more classics soon ;) I'd love to get my hands on some more of the unreleased Scavvies, but they're rare as hen's teeth!

  2. Spot on mate - great to see these oldies but goodies getting some love. Can't wait to see what else you have in the works!!