Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dunston checks in...

Greetings all.

I've been beavering away, getting some good work done on my RT inquisitor warband, but I also painted up this little guy as a bit of a distraction from the grim darkness of my radicals:

This lovely fella is a pretty rare RT Jokaero model. He's not part of my inquisitor's retinue (the whole alien hating thing causes an issue there...), but will instead form part of my Rogue Trader's crew (my next project). I envisage my Rogue Trader relishing in his freedom to explore and trade with aliens, keeping a menagerie of strange and exotic creatures. Dunston the Jokaero is one such creature. He uses his ingenuity to improve and embellish my Rogue Trader's personal arms and armour, leaving the mechanicus contingent to focus on tracking down lost relics from the dark age of technology, as well as reverse engineering xenos artefacts (for the good of the Imperium, of course).

Hope you like him, I'll be adding some friends to his group soon.

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