Saturday, 5 September 2015

Silent treatment: Imperial Assassin

Greetings all.

Added another member to Inquisitor Emeric's crew, this time it's imperial assassin "Reno":

Obsessed with inciting conflict across the galaxy for the betterment of mankind, Inquisitor Emeric makes great use of Reno's talents, assassinating religious and political leaders to stir up violence and ensure the strongest come out on top. Reno is unswerving in his loyalty to his master, and once activated, will complete his mission, or die in the attempt.

A man of few words, he isn't exactly the life of the party. Often refers to himself as a "cleaner". No one is really sure why.

This guy has to be one of my favourite models in Emeric's retinue. Such a great sculpt, and clearly paved the way for the later assassin models. I went with a tan bodysuit for him, partly to tie him in with the rest of the gang, and partly because back was just too obvious...

Comments welcome of course!


  1. Nice and subtle, I especially like the bolter combo weapon's finish. I've been trying for awhile to get my mitts on one of these but the asking price is just nuts. Lucky you! Someday storm shadow will be mine.
    I'm really digging your backstory for each character as well, I hope someday to read a narrative battle report starring your radical inquisitor and entourage

    1. Thanks man :)

      Keep your eyes peeled on eBay and trading groups, because this guy really isn't as rare as eBay resellers would have you believe...

      Im pleased you like the back stories too. The whole narrative thing is something I've not really explored on anything but a superficial level, so I'm glad it's being well received!

      As for a batrep, my RT buddy Alex and I will no doubt be doing something in the very near future...