Monday, 12 December 2016

A familiar face

Greetings all.

Two posts in as many days might just be a record. It's a bit of a cheat though, as I don't actually have anything new to show. What I do want to mention (briefly) is another mad little side project that I've decided to embark upon, following the completion of my Elementals. This time I've gone to the other end of the scale... familiars are the new cool thing for me!

I actually have quite a few already painted, with several more in the leadpile, so I'm well on my way with the project already. They're based a little differently from each other because they've been used for anything from 40k to Frostgrave.

I'll pick up this project now and again when I fancy something easy and fun to paint. They're so tiny that they're not exactly taxing, but they really are a joy to put paint on. You can definitely tell that the sculptors were given pretty much free reign when it came to these little guys. Watch this space for more over the coming weeks!


  1. Good luck with the familiars. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the whole collection. (I also find it very relaxing to paint small miniatures... although my choice is usually halflings.)

    1. Ta very much dude! I'm sort of planning to work on them now and again whenever I fancy it. I've collected all but two of them though, so it shouldn't be a taxing project :)