Thursday, 29 December 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth: More Frostgrave soldiers!

Greetings all.

Welcome to my final post of 2016 (probably)! I'll post some sort of hobby retrospective at some point over the next week, as it's been an interesting and eventful year for me, both hobby-wise and in real life. First though, the last three models on my "2016: to paint" list are done. They are of course more Frostgrave minions, this time a Marksman and two Rangers:

Still sticking to my old school Chaos theme (of course), these three are made up of two Chaos thugs, and a really old preslotta Chaos fighter.

That more or less rounds out my Frostgrave warband for the meantime, although there will no doubt be further additions as we progress through the various campaigns. I've got plans for a few different projects over the next few months, but more on that next time!


  1. Cracking job mate, as always. Some sort of warband group shot is surely in order!