Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Pact to the Future: Blood Bowl Chaos Pact/Renegades

Greetings all,

Hope you're all keeping well in these unprecedented times. As I mentioned before, this lockdown hasn't given me any extra time to work on painting projects, but I'm still working away as and when I can. This week, I've managed to finish off some human renegades for my Chaos Pact/Renegades team.

I've had these sitting on the table for what feels like forever, so I'm glad to get them done. I went with an homage to the classic Chaos All Stars colour scheme, which I'm pretty pleased with. The whole team is made up of classic 2nd edition BB models, and all my players are named after members of the shock rock band GWAR, just to make them suitably disgusting and debauched.

Nippleus Erectus and Sawborg Destructo

Cornelius Carnage and Stephen Sphincter

Pustulus Maximus and Hans Orifice

All the human renegades together, ready to fumble the ball and fail dodge rolls

Normally I'd go with colour coded bases, and I deliberated on it for quite a while. With this particular team however, all the players are either Linemen or Big Guys, and the only distinction between the players is their race (Human, Dark Elf, Orc), so the colour coding wouldn't have worked. I'll be leaving all the base rims as a nice tidy black for this team, although I may still add a gold stripe to the Star Players' bases to mark them out, as with the rest of my Stars.

That's all for now, on to the Big Guys next!


  1. Those names are classic :-) As a teacher, I am not getting any extra time to paint either, stay safe mate.

    1. Ha thanks man, they’re gonna get even more ridiculous and offensive with the rest of the players too! I’m an NHS worker so I feel your pain there, workload is through the roof atm. Keep safe.

  2. Like it and nice colours! I've got a soft spot for human BB teams - they might be the most fun to play.

    1. Cheers dude! I've just noticed how rubbish the lighting is in these pics though... Chaos Renegades are in fact even shitter than normal human teams, which just makes them all the more fun to play :P