Sunday, 13 March 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... Part Three

Greetings all.

I haven't had much time for geek stuff over the last few days, but I did manage to get some more work done on my Frostgrave warband, and take some slightly better (though still woefully inadequate) pictures of them.

Here's the handsome bunch all together:

These guys make up about half of the warband I'm aiming for, though it does mean I'm getting there. Individual pics of each and then we'll call it a night.

First up, Sebassis Daemonclaw himself:

His apprentice, Skabb the Acolyte:

A summoned imp:

The faithful hound, Beezer:

A couple of thugs, Rivet and Mad Axe Martin:

And lastly a knight, Karg:

I had to name him Karg, as I couldn't help but be reminded of this fella from Masters of the Universe:

Well that's the last for now, hope you like em. Still gotta add some snow to their bases, but that's a job for further down the line.


  1. My brother and I have played a little frostgrave recently, lots of fun. Paul came all the way up from High Wycombe to join in too. As were local i'll give you a prod next time we get together if you'd like to join in with your smashing looking force.

    1. Yes mate!! We absolutely must get our shit together and play soon! Frostgrave is such a blast too!