Monday, 28 March 2016

You must gather your party before venturing forth... Part four

Greetings all.

Super quick post from me today, before I whizz off to have a cuppa with my nan (yes, really).

Finished up a couple archers and another imp for my Frostgrave warband:

These guys are unmodified chaos thug archers. They came out a little darker than expected, but I'm satisfied nonetheless. The imp is another chaos familiar.

This lot will be getting their second outing tonight, so I suspect I'll be reporting on that later in the week!

By way of a teaser, this little lot are in the painting queue:

Comments welcome as always!


  1. I've got that Earth Elemental. I assume he will be playing the part of a large construct.

    1. Sure will! He'll also be playing the part of the granite golem when I play that campaign :)